The Owners

Dulang on safari


Dulang is a Botswana citizen, born and bred in Maun. From formative years he was eager to help his grandparents herd his cattle to proximity of the delta where pasture was always good even during drought.

Knowing everything about the bush was a means of survival. “stay behind me, and do as I say’, my grandfather would instruct every time, for we were in the lion territory. It was here that Dulang developed passion for the wild.

Fate has its way, after many years in the teaching and learning field, I am here now in the bush, a grandson of a bushman.

Astrid on safari


A German citizen, born in the coastal town of Germany, Wilhelmshaven, studied agriculture and is a keen traveller and enjoys hiking and camping. Astrid has lived in Botswana most of her adult life, and understands the culture and the landscape very well.

She understand the tourism landscape, and has joined Central Khalahari Wild Tours recently, after a long time working on the side. She is a tour translator, and accompanies elderly travellers from her home country and back to their home towns/ city after the safari. She helps elderly travellers deal with immigration and customs issues. During the safari she ensures the chef cooks meals the way the clients wants, on safari she translates for the safari guide